This Week in Weird News...

We hesitate to even give any more publicity to this awful idea but we just can’t ignore it. FoxNewLatino has a report on this truly bizarre new app called Smuggle Truck: Operation Immigration.

Yes, it’s an app, where to win you need to get as many immigrants across the border in the back of a truck as you can. But you seemingly also win if you kill everyone by driving so fast that you only get across the border with one passenger. The game’s creators are claiming that the game is satire and meant to draw attention to the immigrations issues in the country. Well, it certainly drew attention to something.

Click here to read about the game on FoxNewsLatino.

We also ran across a story about 17 year-old Ms. San Antonio, who has been stripped of her title. Pageant officials say that Domonique Ramirez lost her crown for violating the terms of her contract by bringing her boyfriend to events, not showing up to events or showing up late and by gaining weight. Domonique says all the claims of her violating her contract are untrue and she gone to court to keep her title, which officials have given to the runner up. Does no one see it as a problem that adult pageant officials have public ally called attention to a teenage girl’s weight? Could they not have left that part out? Aren’t we supposed to be empowering young Latinas?

Click here to see the pageant official talk about why Domonique was stripped of her crown.