WATCH: 18 Seconds to Climb the U.S./Mexico Border Fence

Colorlines recently posted a video showing two young women who both manage to climb to the very top of the controversial U.S./Mexico border fence in under 20 seconds. Both ladies are fit, but neither seem exceptionally tall or athletically able, yet it takes them mere seconds to scale a fence that costs US taxpayers about $4 million per mile to build.

The stunt was filmmaker Roy Germano's idea. Germano also directed the documentary film, The Other Side of Immigration, which examines the causes of Mexican immigration from the point of view of communities south of the border. He wanted to use the video to highlight what he views as a gross waste of taxpayer money. In addition to the $4 million per mile cost, Germano says it will take another $6.5 billion over the next 20 years to repair and maintain the fence.

Watch the amazing video below: