Spanish Label Zara Beats Gap as World's Biggest Fashion Retailer

We never thought this day would come, but it's true! London's The Daily Telegraph reports that trendy Spanish label Zara has officially taken over the top spot, previously held by Gap, as the largest fashion retailer in the world. While Gap saw its first quarter revenue slip 10 percent to $3.38 billion, Zara's sales actually increased 9 perent to $3.46 billion. But what really put the brand over the top was its global expansion to 3,900 stories in 70 countries. Not bad for a company that's never claimed Carrie Bradshaw--oops, we mean, Sarah Jessica Parker--as its spokemodel!

What's been the key to Zara's expansion? The label's design team--headquarted in Arteixo, La Coruña, Spain--is notorious for adapting runway looks at an unrivaled pace. Their sketches have appeared in Zara stores in as short a time as two weeks, transformed into fashionable yet affordable clothes for us shopaholics to enjoy.

That means Zara's got ever-evolving style--and as every woman knows, that's a formula for success.

--Monica Herrera