Sonia Sotomayor: "I Was Offended" During Confirmation Hearings

During a revealing interview at Northwestern University School of Law last week, Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor admitted that she felt personally attacked at times during her Senate confirmation hearings in 2009.

When a female student asked Sotomayor whether she felt the questions leveled at her during her confirmation were based on male assumptions, the judge answered:"You know, and I don't mean to be graphic, but one day after I'd been questioned endlessly, for weeks at a time, I was so frustrated by the minutiae of what I was being asked about and said to a friend, 'I think they already know the color of my underwear.'"

"There were private questions I was offended by," Sotomayor admitted. "I was convinced they were not asking those questions of the male applicants," the judge said, possibly in reference to to questions posed about her dating habits. "But the society has a double standard."

Justice Sotomayor concluded her answer by telling the students, "I don't like people talking about my private life. There are expectations of how men and women should behave." She added, "I'm probably a bit more aggressive than many like in a woman."