Sonia Sotomayor Makes Her Supreme Court Debut

Sonia Sotomayor hangs out with J. Lo and Marc Anthony, has Ricky Martin's personal number and recently danced a mambo with Esai Morales. She also happens to be the newest Supreme Court Justice, and today, court's back in session.

Some in the media are saying that Sotomayor's unpredictable "effervescence" means she's a wild card, that her personality may rub some older justices the wrong way. But we're pretty sure this wise Latina will have no problem adapting quickly to the Supreme Court.

Unfortunately, Sotomayor's vote will likely make little difference in the two most high-profile cases the court will hear this session: removing limits on corporate financing of political campaigns, and a suit seeking to eliminate handgun bans in Chicago. Justice John Roberts and the conservative majority will likely succeed in overturning both laws. 

Other disbutes that will set precedent this term include a handful of criminal cases. Sotomayor is the only judge on the court who has trial experience, and people will be watching whether or not her history as a prosecutor makes her more sympathetic to enforcement. Among those cases is a challenge to the sentencing of juveniles to life sentences with no chance of parole.

"It's a new court. When I was trying jury cases, which is usually 12, if a juror had to be replaced it was because one was ill or something ... it's just a different dynamic. It was a different jury. And it's the same way here. This will be a very different court," Justice Anthony Kennedy told C-SPAN.