Political Bracelets Land Cuban Teens in Jail

Fidel Castro. Photo: Wire Image

Remember those Live Strong rubber bracelets? Well, a bunch of anti-Castro Miami Cubans decided to make some bracelets that read "Cambio" and ship them to Cuba as a political statement. The bracelet became a fad with behind-the-curve Cuban teens faster than you can say "Uggs." But now, the Cuban government is striking back: the Miami Herald reports more than 60 teens were arrested in Cuba for wearing the bracelets and will be charged with "social dangerousness". What makes the arrests so ridiculous: Many teens view them as simply decoration, and not a political statement. "For a lot of kids, it's nothing but a distraction. It doesn't matter to them if it says change or anything else," says Juan Carlos González Leyva, a board member of the Council of Human Rights Rapporteurs in Havana.

Meanwhile, U.S. Cubans are rushing to don the bracelets to show their support of the jailed teens, and of the bracelet's message--without acknowledging the kids just wanted to look cool. Whatever the outcome, whoever made these cositas stands to make a mint...

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