Perez Hilton Bashes Eduardo Verastegui Over His Support of Prop 8

Perez Hilton recently expressed his outrage over Mexicano heartthrob Eduarda Verastegui's high profile support of Proposition 8, an initiative to ban same-sex marriage that passed in California on November 4. The celebrity blogger told the Daily News from his home office in Los Angeles, "I’d like to take a moment to express my frustration at the ignorance of Eduardo Verastegui, for engaging in a very vocal campaign for Proposition 8 which seeks to write discrimination into the state constitution."

Verastegui, a devout pro-life Catholic best known for roles in telenovelas and the films Bella and Chasing Papi, has been a supporter of Prop 8, saying, "Marriage, in my deeply held view is a word for the way we teach the next generation that men and women need each other, and children need both a mother and a father."

Hilton, who is openly gay, retaliated by calling Verastegui a D-list actor before adding, "It frustrates me and breaks my heart, that someone who’s a minority himself would want to discriminate against others. Maybe because he’s a very white looking Mexican he hasn’t been discriminated against in this country as much as others of us have.” Hilton continued, "But, being Latino and gay, I have experienced first-hand being an outsider and having hate speech used against me.