New Latinos in Power: Jaime Lynn Herrera, David Rivera, Bill Flores

Jaime Lynn Herrera

Office: Republican U.S. Representative for Washington’s 3rd Congressional District

Age: 32

Bio: A rising GOP star and State rep is the only Latina elected to congress in the mid-term elections. She was born in Glendale, California and is married. As State rep, she served on the Health Care and Wellness Committee, the Human Services Committee and the Transportation Committee.

Her plan: Herrera bills herself as an independent thinker but her stance is the purely Republican one that swept so many into office: stop government sending, repeal the health care act and stop stimulus package spending.

David Rivera

Office: Republican U.S. Representative for Florida’s 25th Congressional District

Age: 45

Bio: A Miami-based public affairs consultant and former State representative who chaired the committee overseeing the budget in areas including transportation, housing, education and economic development., the Cuban American pol has also been involved in pushing for human rights in Cuba.

His plan: He has helped to balance eight state budgets as a state rep, so it’s no surprise that one of his main issues is cutting government spending. Rivera also backs lowering taxes for businesses, as an encouragement to start hiring again. He opposes cap and trade legislation passed by congress—which allows companies who produce less pollution than their allotted quota to sell credits to companies for whom it would be more difficult to reduce polllution.

William (Bill) Flores

Office: Republican U.S. Representative for Texas’ 17th Congressional District

Age: 56

Bio: A former CEO of an oil exploration company, the part-Spanish Flores is married with two sons and boasts a Masters in Business Administration and is a certified public accountant

His plan: A huge proponent of limited government, Flores calls for an end to spending authorized by Obama’s stimulus act, will push for the Bush era taxes to be made permanent, not just extended. He’s also vowed to push for the creation of new nuclear plants as a way to make energy more efficient, while expanding incentives to allow more solar and wind energy technologies.