Mexican Women's Rights Crusader Susana Chavez Murdered

Mexican womens rights activist Susana Chavez tirelessly fought to bring attention to the decade's long murder of women occurring in Ciudad Juarez. She was an active member of May Our Daughters Return Home, a local group representing victims of the murdered and disappeared women of Juarez and helped to coin the phrase “Ni Una Mas” ("Not One More Death")—a rallying cry for the women and their families who have fallen victim to the indiscriminate violence.

Chavez was murdered by a group of local teens at the start of the New Year when a drunken altercation quickly escalated into violence. "What's strange is that we're fighting to eliminate 'feminicide' in Juarez and, look, she died that way, in the hands of criminals," said her friend, Linda Meza. The group of young killers reportedly tried to cut off her hand to make the murder look narco related, but eventually confessed their crime. Over 400 women have been killed in the area since 2003, and many of their murders and disappearances are not even investigated by the local police.

"Susana was a noble woman committed to the cause and to her city, which she loved," said Gustavo de la Rosa Hickerson of the Human Rights Commission.