Mexican Rock Group Mana Backs Obama

Looks like influencers from around the world can't help but weigh in on this year's US presidential election. The latest to throw in their two pesos? Mexican rock group Maná, who came out yesterday in support of Democratic hopeful Barack Obama.

Lead singer Fher says, "Although Maná had never openly come out in favor of a politician or political institution before, not even in elections in its own country, this time because this presidential election means so much to the future or our world, we have decided to make our preference known."

Speaking for the group, he adds, "we believe that the potential success of Barack Obama’s candidacy is a historic opportunity. Senator Obama’s campaign transcends race and brings people together. It has unified Blacks, Whites, Latinos, Asians, American Indians and people of all ages across the United States around a desire to make our world a better place. And this is a message of hope for our entire planet. I insist; this is a historic opportunity."

Fher couldn't help but take a shot at John McCain and, seemingly, his colleagues in the music industry who insist on supporting Republicans (we're looking at you, Daddy Yankee): "Republicans have clearly done little for the Latino community. Where is the immigration reform that would allow millions of workers to work in peace and not be persecuted and harassed as if they were criminals?"

Bringing it back to a positive message, Fher closes his statement with an ode to Obama. "It is time to support the change that Barack Obama represents. His victory would be encouraging news for all: today the light at the end of the tunnel is visible."

And there you have it, folks. Even people who don't live in this country and can't vote in our election are passionate enough to take a stance, so make sure you exercise your right to vote next Tuesday!