Mexican Consulate in New York Attacked

It's been a rough weekend for immigrants on both coasts: In New York, two grenade-like devices blew up in the Mexican consulate early Friday morning. No one was hurt, but one of the building's windows and a glass door were shattered, and the consulate was shut down indefinitely—a huge pain for anyone currently waiting for a visa. No arrests have been reported yet, according to Bloomberg's news website. Meanwhile in Cali, various news outlets have reported that immigrants trying to get relief amid the massive wildfires may be getting harassed, or even deported. Pro-immigrant groups are also alleging that some immigrants are being forced to stay working on farms surrounded by fires--and heavy air pollution. On top of that, some idiots created a fake CNN website alleging that MEChA (a pretty harmless Chicano college students' group) is a "radical Hispanic separatist organization" responsible for setting the fires. We don't believe in profanity, but WTF? Y es facil?