Mayor Of Rio de Janeiro Condemns Sexist Italian Billboards

The Mayor of Rio de Janeiro, Eduardo Paes has condemned billboards that are currently up in Italy which depict men, dressed as police from the bustling Brazilian city, molesting and arresting models.

Mayor Paes told Rio's O Globo newspaper that he is considering petitioning the Italian embassy to ask that Relish clothing, the brainchild behind the advertisements, take down the billboards in Italy, which Paes says are "in bad taste."

Relish has stores in Milan, Bologna and Naples. In the advertisements, dark skinned police men are seen choking one female model, putting their hands up another models skirt and forcibly restraining another model with her arms behind her back. A third ad shows a model with her face forced against the pavement and the police men standing over her.

We're not quite sure what Relish was trying to accomplish with these ads besides making women leery of traveling to Rio. They don't exactly make us want to run out and buy the latest outfit from the Italian clothier. What do you think about the ads?