Exclusive: Latino Celebs React to Election

The chatter around office watercoolers across the country today is almost exclusively about Barack Obama becoming President-Elect of the United States, and even our favorite celebrities are dying to give their two cents. We talked to four prominent Obama supporters -- rappers Pitbull and Fat Joe, Ugly Betty star Ana Ortiz, and big-screen ingenue Camilla Belle -- to get their reactions to last night's history-making events. Here's what they had to say:

Fat Joe: " I feel like I am a part of history. Just being apart of the process of voted. I forced my family, friends, and colleagues. We have a responsibility to change our reality. We must continue the movement. There are No excuses NOW. Finally, we have a Black President. This is an example and testimony that any minority can aspire and attain anything they want."

Ana Ortiz: "With President Obama, I feel full of hope and possibilities. We have a future and I am so proud to be an American today."

Pitbull: "What happened last night was truly historical, it is the American dream at its best. I am honored to be able to be a part of this moment in history- Obama, Obama"

Camilla Belle: "I'm not gonna say who I voted for or anything, but it's an exciting time I think, even with all my friends who had no interest in politics whatsoever, this election has been so important to them, just being able to get my generation out and excited about the prospect of being involved and having a voice. All my friends just became so involved in this election and it was a huge topic of conversation whereas last year none of them would even mention politics. It's really exciting and I think it’s nice how people are excited about making a difference."

But we're not just interested in what famosos have to say, we also want to hear your thoughts on the 2008 election...