John Leguizamo Plays to a Star-Studded Audience in Broadway Debut of 'American Buffalo'

John Leguizamo stars in the latest revival of David Mamet's American Buffalo, which premiered on Broadway last night to a star-studded audience. Leguizamo plays Teach, a lowlife who muscles in on a plan to steal a rare buffalo coin in Mamet's famous play about greed.

While reviews have been lukewarm at best, most critics have commended Leguizamo's turn as Teach as the bright spot in the revival. “All of my dysfunctional childhood, my frustration growing up — everything is channeled through this character I’m playing.” Leguizamo told the Daily News, adding, “That’s so ingrained in American people — success at any cost,” in reference to Teach's willingness to stop at nothing to complete the heist.

30 years ago David Mamet shocked audiences with the epithet-laced play and turned the theater world on it's head. Jerry Seinfeld, Newark Mayor Corey Booker, Rev. Al Sharpton, and Spike Lee all turned out for the premier of the revival. The talk of the evening revolved around the foul language that Mamet employs for his character's dialogue, with ushers at the show politely asking guests to "Please take your [bleepin'] seat" and the loudspeaker blaring "We kindly request that you turn off your [bleepin'] cell phones."

Well, we'd love to see the show (hint, hint) and when we do we'll have nothing but love for Johnny [bleepin'] Leguizamo.