J. Lo Dodges Deposition Against Diddy

It's been years since her break up with hip-hop mogul Diddy, but Jennifer Lopez has been unable to shake those skeletons from her closet, mostly due to court dates.

The 1999 nightclub shooting where both Diddy and J. Lo were present sent rapper Shyne to prison and left Diddy facing a $120 million lawsuit by Natania Reuben, who was shot in the face. Though J. Lo was not called as a witness in the criminal trial and acquitted of any involvement, she was served with deposition papers for the suit in June.

Luckily for her (or better said, Diddy) her day in court was cancelled yesterday. Sources told TMZ.com that La Lopez had "nothing to contribute" to the case and that no new court date is in sight.

Looks like Puffy's ex-señorita won't be throwing him under the bus or costing him millions. We are sure that somewhere, he is exhaling a sigh of relief.