Hugo Chavez Gives $9 Million to Danny Glover

Aha! Now we know why so many Hollywood stars have been mysteriously flocking to Hugo Chavez's side over the past year. The Venezuelan president has promised nearly $27 million in production funds to everyone from Kevin Spacy and Sean Penn to Naomi Campbell.

Chavez's latest benefactor? According to newspaper El Universal, it's veteran actor Danny Glover, who just recieved a $9 million cash bonus from Huey to produce a film about Haitian pro-independence leader Francois Dominique Toussaint Louverture, a freed African American slave who passed away in 1803, shortly before his followers were able to establish a free Haiti.

Okay, Chavez isn't the first foreign leader to try to attract Hollywood productions to revitalize local economy and create jobs, but he certainly is one of the most generous. We hope that while he's playing Hollywood bigshot, Chavez's constituents are seeing some of the benefits from his generosity.