Gadget Guide: The Nintendo DSi

Who says you can’t do it all? Introducing the Nintendo DSi ($170), the brand-new version of the company’s multimillion-selling Nintendo DS handheld video game system. This small, sleek touch-screen tech toy does a lot more than just play games: It snaps pictures with its two built-in cameras (one points out, one points in, so you won’t miss a single shot), keeps your pics organized and lets you trick them out with color effects, stickers and written notes. It plays all of the music you can cram onto an SD memory card, and the DSi’s high-quality speakers and slick visualizers make it a killer desktop jukebox. It lets you hop online to check your e-mail and Facebook with a Web browser that can latch onto any wireless Internet network. It keeps you busy with a huge library of software that has something for everyone, whether you’re interested in writing music, learning new languages, following interactive cooking recipes or anything else. And, as Nintendo has proven with its smash-hit Wii, video games aren’t targeted solely at teen boys anymore—on the DSi, you can enjoy puzzle games like Tetris, old-school run-and-jump classics like Super Mario Bros. and way more. The system can even match your personality, since it’s available in elegant black or too-chic baby blue. Buying it as a present? The DSi boasts parental controls if you don’t want the chica in your life going online or playing inappropriate games, but you’ll have so much fun with it, she might have a hard time pulling it out of your hands.