Eva Longoria Parker to Open Las Vegas Nightclub

Eva Longoria Parker is ready to strip...in Las Vegas, that is. The actress is looking to expand her empire from restaurants to nightclubs, turning her L.A. eatery Beso into a Sin City hot spot. "She's really excited to have a place to party in Vegas with all her friends," a pal tells OK! Magazine.

And, amongst her friends, the feeling is mutual. "Jessica Alba thinks Beso is a solid investment," reveals the source. We're not sure what makes Jessica an expert on business investments, but nice to know Eva has such supportive friends.

Since there's no timeline for the opening of Beso Las Vegas, Eva will have to content herself with enjoying the tasty dishes at her L.A. outpost—which works well with her plan to pack on the pounds for her role on Desperate Housewives.

"It's way more fun to play frumpy," Eva says of playing a rounder Gabrielle Solis in the upcoming season of the hit show. "Then you can focus on story and character as opposed to having to always look great. I feel like she's dealing with a lot of real issues."

Um, I know it's hard for a skinny gal like Eva to imagine, but being more than 100 pounds doesn't necessarily mean you don't care what you look like. Us "frumpy" girls also like to look great, and spend plenty of time in front of the mirror doing so.