Enrique Iglesias in Flight Scare

Boys and girls, pay attention: jet-setting can be hazardous to your health. Just ask Travis Barker, DJ AM, and now, Enrique Iglesias. UK's Sun reports that the Latin popstar's private plan was forced to make an emergency landing at England's Luton Airport on Monday, after one of its engines shut down mid-flight.

Thankfully, unlike Barker and DJ AM, Enrique emerged without a scratch, and once his flight crew rectified the problem, was able to continue his journey.

The singer's agent said, "The highly skilled pilots managed to make a safe landing and nobody was hurt." A rep for Enrique's Polydor label confirmed no one was injured.

How many near-death experiences will it take for celebrities to realize that, as glamorous as private planes are, they are just not as safe as commercial airlines? Clearly, some of them would rather die than be seen in first class, amongst mere millionaires...