Eduardo Verastegui Supports John McCain and Ban on Gay Marriage

Chasing Papi star Eduardo Verastegui used to make us weak in the knees, but lately he' s just making us sick to our stomachs. The self-proclaimed conservative Catholic is not only voting for John McCain next month (his perogative, and we respect that), but he's also making a public statement against gay marriage by campaigning in favor of California's Proposition 8, which bans civil unions for homosexuals.

Mexican newspaper Nortimex reports that the hunky actor, who's pet project Bella was essentially a pro-life film, is attempting to rally California Latinos to vote for Proposition 8. María Ramírez, Eduardo's Chasing Papi co-star and spokesperson for Viva La Familia, supports his stance, noting how important it was that the Mexican actor was participating in a campaign against gays. "Verástegui is very well known among Latinos for his role in Bella, and other telenovelas," she said.

We're all for respecting other peoples beliefs (no matter how different they are from our own), but why all the haterade against gay people, Eduardo? Don't you know that they are likely a big chunk of your fan base? We say, live and let live, and you'll probably reap the rewards at the box office.