Daddy Yankee Refuses Fat Joe's Debate Challenge

Is Daddy Yankee backing down from a fight? The reggaeton star and McCain-lover was challenged to a televised debate on the issues by none other than his current Nemesis #1, Fat Joe, according to MTV Tr3s's Blogamole—and Yankee declined!

According to Blogamole, Fat Joe came up with the idea of challenging Yankee to put his bling where his mouth is and approached the New York Post to cover the affair—an idea that NY Post (and Fox News) owner Rupert Murdoch quickly squashed.

Then, MTV Tr3s reportedly stepped up to the plate and offered a platform for the debate, but neither the network nor Fat Joe could get Yankee to agree. His excuse? That he's too busy promoting his movie Talento de Barrio in Latin America.

Sounds to us like someone doesn't want to get called out for his questionable loyalties. It's too bad, a Fat Joe/Daddy Yankee showdown is definitely must-see TV!