Cameron Diaz's Family: Thankful for "An Amazing Outpouring of Love"

After a heartfelt memorial service this weekend for her father, Emilio Diaz, Cameron Diaz and her family have released another statement thanking friends and fans for their support.

"It is almost impossible to put into words how amazing Emilio was," the Diaz family tells People. “The thing that was most important to him was his family, and he often said that his greatest accomplishment was raising two people that were better human beings than he was. He was devoted to each family member equally and was proud of the accomplishments they all made."

Diaz, who died on April 15 of complications from pneumonia, is survived by his wife, Billie, as well as Cameron and her sister, Chimene, who has one daughter named Chloe. The entire family expresses gratitude for the “amazing outpouring of love” that’s helped them get through this difficult time and describes Emilio as a “playful abuelo” who “loved to share his love through laughter” was “incredibly loyal and dependable."

It's been truly amazing to see la familia entera displaying so much strength as they cope with their loss. Our hearts go out to them!