Barack Obama says DREAM Act Failure is "Biggest Disappointment" of the Year

In a press conference yesterday, President Barack Obama highlighted the accomplishments of his administration during the Lame Duck session of Congress. But the President also talked about the failure to make headway when it comes to comprehensive immigration reform admitted that the Senate's block of the DREAM Act may be his "biggest disappointment."

Obama adamantly stated that the youth who were targeted by the DREAM Act are forced to live under a "shadow of fear" through no fault of their own. But Republicans claimed that the bill was essentially a form of "amnesty," which encourage more undocumented immigrants to some to the United States.

The Migration Policy Institute says that the measure would have immediately favored more than 700,000 young people, while the Department of Education estimates that more than 50,000 college-eligible undocumented immigrants graduate from U.S. high schools every year.

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