2006 Puerto Rican Day Parade

Celebs and fans alike come out to celebrate the 2006 Puerto Rican Day Parade!

1. 120 01 PR Day Parade

Marc Anthony, Jennifer Lopez and New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg wave to the masses at the start of this year's Puerto Rican Day Parade.

2. 120 02 PR Day Parade

A glowing, happy Jennifer thrills her hometown crowd by waving the Puerto Rican flag. ¡Pa que tu lo sepas!

3. 120 03 PR Day Parade

Freddy Ferrer may have lost his bid for NYC mayor last year, but he still knows how shake hands with the people.

4. 120 04 PR Day Parade

Power to the (boricua) people! Marc Anthony was this year´s Grand Marshal.

5. 120 05 PR Day Parade

Miss Universe, Puerto Rican stunner Denise Quiñones, gives the guys on the sidelines something to cheer for.

6. 120 06 PR Day Parade

What's with the deep thoughts? It's a parade!

7. 120 07 PR Day Parade

This guy shows up every year, but he never shares his flags with us.

8. 120 08 PR Day Parade

There were several groups of traditional Puerto Rican dancers in this year's parade.

9. 120 09 PR Day Parade

Freddy Ferrer, center, lost a recent bid to become NYC's first Latino mayor.

10. 120 10 PR Day Parade

Airbrushed t-shirts like these were this year's top parade trend.

11. 120 11 PR Day Parade

Awwww, aren't they cute?

12. 120 12 PR Day Parade

Reggaetonero Hector El Father performed his latest single, "Rompe Diskoteka".

13. 120 13 PR Day Parade

Sexy salsero Michael Stuart served as the parade's Puerto Rico Youth Ambassador.

14. 120 14 PR Day Parade

Primer Impacto's Jackie Guerrida was this year's National Godmother.

15. 120 15 PR Day Parade

Don't mind the baby, he had a late night partying on 116th Street...