174 People Killed in Torrential Downpours in Colombia

Torrential downpours in Colombia caused a landslide in the suburbs of Medellín over the weekend and hundreds are feared missing or dead.

The La Niña weather phenomenon is thought to be the cause of the extreme weather. In recent months around 170 people have been killed due to rains and floods. The rain has wreaked devastation across the north western region of Colombia, affecting over 1.5 million people.

State emergency management director John Rendon told Time magazine that two bodies have been recovered and six injured people have been rescued after the mudslide in Bello, a suburb of Medellín.

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos told Reuters that the number of homeless from the rains could reach 2 million. After flying over the devastated region, Santos told reporters: "The tragedy the country is going through has no precedent in our history."

Sever rains and flooding have also affected the neighboring country of Venezuela, leaving thousands homeless and approximately 30 people dead. President Hugo Chavez blamed 'criminal' capitalism for global climate changes.