Lauren Jauregui Claps Back At Haters Who Say She's Not a 'Real' Latina


Lauren Jauregui recently clapped back BIG TIME to a story posted on El Mundo by the radio station Happy FM based in Spain. The story addressed why some Latinos think that stars such as, Lauren Jauregui and Bella Thorne should not call themselves a Latina. They highlight some pretty aggressive tweets from some Latinos that believe you can only truly call yourself a Latino if you were born in a Latin country. As if the U.S. (which used to be part of Mexico and boasts a Latino population of nearly 20%) isn't a "Latin" country!

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One woman tweeted:

“Lauren J and Bella T considereing themselves Latinas is the reason why I hate them and gringos and I’m tired of them appropriating of something that will never be theirs"

The website goes on to explain how some within the Latin community feel that American-born Latinos can’t claim Latin pride because they haven’t endured what it’s like to live repressed in certain cultures and some American Latino stars are just jumping on the Latinx bandwagon because it's "trendy."

Lauren then went hard at the radio station on Twitter defending her Latinx roots and identity—and rightfully so! Despite the facts that she owes NO explanation to anyone Lauren, whose parents and grandparents are Cuban, wrote on Twitter:







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The station tweeted back at the singer saying it didn't agree with the divisive sentiment and was trying to start a conversation.

It’s unfortunate to see fellow Latinos discriminate against other Latinos when we’re supposed to be united and proud of each other’s accomplishment. I’m sure a lot of us would also agree that it’s disappointing and hurtful to see such hate towards these two successful ladies and other Latinx-Americans.  When one of us makes a stride forward we all win. There is enough division being created, so why contribute by initiating hate and separation within our own community.  To quote the inspiring Dolores Huerta, “We cannot let people put a wedge between us…. because there is only one human race.”