Latinos in EDM

Initially associated with fist-pumping club rats and glow stick–twirling ravers, electronic dance music is now a global phenomenon. Here we highlight the best Latino DJs and producers doing EDM their way. 

1. EDM: John Tejada

Best Veteran

Mexican and Austrian John Tejada, 15-year veteran techno producer, refuses to give up his prolific underground production—he’s released 16 albums since his debut.

Download Now: “Sweat (On the Walls)”

2. EDM: Javier Estrada

Best Up-and-Coming Artist: If aliens ever descend on a rave in Monterrey, Mexico, Javier Estrada’s special blend of Aztec tribal and futuristic dubstep would be the soundtrack.

Download Now: “Ta Violento”

3. Clone of EDM: Dave Nada

Best Innovator: Ecuadorean American DJ Dave Nada created moombahton—Dutch house music slowed down to a reggaeton speed—at a high school hooky party. True story.

Download Now: “Moombah (DJ Afrojack Remix/Dave Nada Edit)”

4. EDM: Araabmuzik

Best in the Flesh: Taking to the MPC like Travis Barker on drums, Dominican and Guatemalan electronic hip-hopper araabMUZIK makes dance beats for the grown and sexy.

Download Now: “The Prince is Coming”

5. EDM: Zuzuka Poderosa

Best Female DJ: Baile funk and drum ’n’ bass had a baby and named her Carioca, better known to the dance world as Brooklyn-based Brazilian and Indonesian badass Zuzuka Poderosa.

Download Now: “Psicodelia”

6. EDM: DJ Monikkr

Best Crowd Pleaser: Peruvian American techno-indie-pop DJ Monikkr, a favorite among New York City club kids, has remixed songs by Rihanna and Gym Class Heroes.

Download Now: “Illegal”

7. EDM: Danny Avila

Youngest DJ in Charge: Often considered the Justin Bieber of EDM, 17-year-old Spanish sensation Danny Avila has shared concert bills with David Guetta and the Black Eyed Peas.

Download Now: “Breaking Your Fall”

8. EDM: Guti

Most Soulful: Guti, a classically trained Argentinean, Uruguayan and Russian jazz virtuoso, brings emotional house music to a genre often lacking soul.

Download Now: “All the Girls”

9. EDM: Munchi

Best Fusion: When Dominican and Dutch DJ Munchi first heard moombahton online, he gave the house/reggaeton beats a bachata twist and made it his own.

Download Now: “Sandungueo”

10. EDM: B13nd

Most Social: L.A.-based spinner DJ Bl3nd, who always wears a creepy Chucky mask, delivers his high-octane live mixes to his fans worldwide via social media—3 million fans on Facebook and over 200 million views on YouTube.

Download Now: “Low Battery”

11. EDM: Martinez Brothers

Best Duo: Disco gets new life with the salsa-tinged house tracks the cheerful Boricua Martinez brothers create.

Download Now: “Too Much (For Me)”