16 Hilarious (And True!) Latino Problems


13. No one understands your VERY REAL and COMPLETELY RATIONAL fear of El Cucuy. (or any other Latin American ghoul or monster!)
He steals kids who disobey! Why would our parents make that up?!

14. Yes, everyone in our family is our primo or prima
They’re actually my third cousin twice-removed, but who cares? 

15. You have to leave a family gathering in two hours...
So you should start saying goodbye now. 

16. When people tell you, “But, wait, you don’t look Latina? Are you sure you aren’t Spanish/Black/White/*Insert Ethnicity*?”
Yes, we’re sure! In fact, it may be shocking to you, but Latinos and Latinas come in all shapes, sizes, and races. Thank you for perpetuating stereotypes about my ethnicity and culture.

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