16 Hilarious (And True!) Latino Problems

15 Hilarious (And true!) Latino Problems

3. Either no one understands your love of spicy food...
Yes, we want the extra spicy salsa. How about some more jalapeños, too?

4. ....or everyone thinks that because you're Latino you grew up on a diet of pure chile and tacos. 
Not all Latinos grew up eating spicy dishes. And no, Fox News, we didn't all grow up eating tacos either. 

5. No matter what your family likes to cook, one fact remains the same: no one will ever cook your favorite dish as well as your abuela
Ordering your grandma’s signature dish in Latin restaurants is basically an exercise in disappointment.

6. When you ask your mamá, your tia, or your abuela for cooking tips, you get obscure or unhelpful advice.
Mija, you need to own the pot for at least 20 years, so you get the full flavor.” 

7. Things can get awkward when you greet a non-Latino with a kiss on the cheek.
We’ve all been there.

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