Exclusive! Eva Mendes to Salma Hayek: "You Took My Baby Name!"

It could have been a moment straight out of her latest movie The Women. Eva Mendes, the young, hot, unmarried and decidedly unpregnant star has accused her pal and colleague Salma Hayek of the second-highest form of larceny in girl world (just behind stealing another woman's man):

"[She] took my baby name. Valentina Paloma," Eva told us with dead seriousness. "I was like, 'Salma, you took my baby name.' And she's all, 'What are your other ones so that I don't take them.'"

We can imagine the showdown between these two "broads," as Eva likes to call powerful, make-no-excuses women like herself and Salma. But, the Calvin Klein spokesmodel insists that, theft aside, she still shares a Girl Power bond with Salma.

"I think if there's anybody in this field that I look up to it's her," Eva gushes, momentarily forgetting that while she was looking up, Salma stole her baby name right out from under her. "She has really done it the right way and I respect her completely. I just saw her speak, and she's the most inspirational speaker. You never want her to leave the stage."

Hopefully, now that Salma is single, she won't set her sights on Eva's boyfriend George Augusto. Somehow we don't think Eva will let that one go without a fight.