5 Things I Learned About Ricky Martin at His Moon Palace Concert This Weekend

So if interviewing Ricky Martin wasn't hard enough, I had to spend the weekend where his 13,000 seat sold out concert was held, The Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort. The resort is huge (over 2,400 oceanside rooms) and there's so much to do, but check out my five favorite experiences below. Then, tell me about your favorite experiences at Moon Palace or another Cancun resort in the comments!

1. Swimming with dolphins at Dolphin Discovery. Sure, you can swim with dolphins in almost any tropical destination nowadays, but the Moon Palace Dolphin Discovery is certainly one of best there is because it takes place in the ocean and not in one of those small (and somewhat depressing for the dolphins) pools. During my dolphin experience, I got to hold the dolphins in my arms like a baby, take a ride by holding onto their fins and get pushed by them (in a Superman position) across the saltwater aquarium. 

2. A spin around the dance floor at Noir. There are lots of places to party in Cancun (And if you've never made a bad decision at Senor Frogs, I highly recommend it...), but Moon Palace's brand new club is upscale without the upscale prices - that is, if you're a guest of the resort, which is all-inclusive, all your drinks are free! As you can imagine, the New York/Miami style club has great energy with two levels of people dancing the night away. The crowd is good, the music is pumping and you can stumble back to your room for late-night room service - what could be better than that?

3. Breakfast or dinner at Momo. With 13 restaurants on the property, you'll never get bored and can eat at a different place each night. Still, my favorite restaurant on the resort has to Momo, which serves Asian fusion fare for dinner and opens for a Mexican-style breakfast each morning (The breakfast chilaquiles are to die for!).

4. "Surfing" on the FlowRida. I use the quotation marks around "surfing" because I don't have the upper or lower body strength to actually surf, but should you love surfing, you can do so on the simulated waves. Just don't blame me the next day when your butt hurts from falling down so much.

5. Enjoy the amazing views. Moon Palace is a large resort and every view is more beautiful than the next, whether it be the pool area, the beach or the golf course. Take it all in while you sip a Banana Monkey - a frozen concoction you'll love even if you're not a big fan of blended drinks.