Ford Launches Global Fashion Collaboration in Celebration of Mustang's 50th Anniversary

Ford Launches Global Fashion Collaboration In Celebration of Mustang's 50th Anniversary

Timed to the 50th anniversary of Ford Mustang's debut, fashion innovators including Anna Sui, Rogan, Paula Cademartori, CO|TE and Pamela Love will celebrate the iconic pony car through a limited-edition line of shirts for the Mustang Unleashed collection.

Each designer will unleash his or her creativity by interpreting the spirit and personality of Mustang with one-of-a-kind designs on three shirts; the 15-shirt collection goes on sale globally this fall.

Sui, a Detroit native, says that Mustang has adapted over the years to cultural changes, but always has remained true to embodying freedom and passion. “Fashion is ever-evolving, and is a historical representation of what is going on in the world,” she shared. “As a designer, I am constantly inspired by everything around me, but it is important for me to remain true to my aesthetic and identity. Mustang has accomplished the same."

Brazilian born designer, Cademartori, shared her enthusiasm for the Mustang, especially her favorite year - the Charlie's Angels 1976 Ford Mustang Cobra II. Cademartori also shared her inspiration for the upcoming collection saying, “Every single detail of the car is inspiring, especially the curves. I believe in bold color and mixing materials.” The designer acknowledges the influence of her Latin heritage in her design aesthetic. “I believe in the power of the South American woman. We are passionate, full of good humor and have our own way to see life, I am really proud to be a Latin woman.”

The designers met at the Empire State Building, where the all-new Mustang convertible was on display 86 stories above New York City, to launch the Mustang Unleashed collection and reveal their personal inspirations for the shirts they will create. Showcasing the all-new 2015 Mustang on the observation deck of the architectural landmark replicates the Mustang debut there in 1965.

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