5 Apps I'm Using To Get a Bikini Body

5 Apps I'm Using To Get a Bikini Body

Memorial Day weekend is just a week away and I know what we’re all thinking: but I haven’t even started working on my bikini body yet! At least that’s what I’m thinking as the summer months near and it’s time to start heading to the beach. 

To be honest, ladies, I’ve definitely let myself slip these past few months. The holiday season was filled with lots of good food, and then this brutal winter had me indoors eating fatty comfort foods, oh, pretty much every night. I vowed to myself to start eating healthier and exercising this Spring—but it’s been a bit difficult. Which is why now, with just a week away before I have to don my own bikini for the first time all year, I’m recommitting to getting a bikini body. But how am I doing it? With the help of these 5 great apps, of course!

1. Nike+ Running: I’m not what you would call a runner. I have friends that run and I have friends that adore running, but I have never counted myself amongst this group. And running in the hot hot hot summer months? No, thanks! At least that’s what I would have said in the past, before realizing how much I actually need running in my life to burn off those calories. The Nike+ Running app makes it a bit more fun, though, by allowing me to track my routes and even share my successes on social media. Now all I need is a great playlist!

2. Weight Watchers Mobile: I’ve been on Weight Watchers on and off for almost 10 years now. For me, it’s the system that works—both to drop the weight and to keep it off. These days I use it more to track how I’m doing to make sure I maintain my weight loss, but it’s also my go-to when I’ve gone a bit overboard and want to drop a few pounds. Tracking what I eat is a vitally important part of losing weight, and one pattern I’ve noticed is that I’m having a bit too many extra glasses of wine with dinner. Well, now I can cut that out!

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