Latina Fitness With Evelyn Lozada: "6 Ways To Look Cute At The Gym!"

When I go to the gym, I really don’t think about my appearance. I definitely make certain to smell fresh and I definitely don’t wear make-up! In a few of my photos you see me looking like a straight tomboy! LOL I usually don’t care because I’m so focused on training. However… do we all agree that if you look cute at the gym, it will motivate you more to work out? If you agree, then I came up with 6 ways to look cute at the gym!

1. Evelyn Lozada Cute at the Gym: Leggings

Pick the best-looking leggings!

For me, tight black leggings are like my little black dress! I have to have them and they come in all shapes and sizes. Black leggings look great on everyone. If you are tall, wear your leggings above the knee, if you have big thighs, try boot cut.  And wear the compression leggings that tuck in your tummy. We already know that black is slimming, so GO FOR IT!  

2. Evelyn Lozada Cute at the Gym: Music

Listen to great songs!

We all could use more confidence, so listening to songs that make you feel pretty will definitely BOOST that ego! Make sure your ipods or iphones are full of chart topping songs that has you feeling like you are the ish! I know that Beyonce’s ‘Diva’ has me feeling this way on number of occasions.

3. Evelyn Lozada Cute at the Gym: Gym Bag

Carry A Cute Bag

We all want to feel stylish when going to the gym, so a cute gym bag will help with that!

4. Evelyn Lozada Cute at the Gym: Bare Face

 Bare Face, But Cute!

Never work out with foundation! I wouldn’t recommend that at all. Actually, it’s kind of gross. However, I do recommend having a nice cleansed face. Arcona has a wonderful raspberry clarifying toner that cleanses and reduces enlarged pores and combats breakouts. Plus, it smells good and has a raspberry extract! Every time I put it on my face, I feel refreshed. The product comes in convenient cotton pads!

5. Evelyn Lozada Cute at the Gym: Eyeliner

Just a Smidge!!

Now, I know I said don’t wear foundation to work out, but you can wear just a smidge of black liner! Just a smidge to help POP your eyes. :)

6. Evelyn Lozada Cute at the Gym: Tank Top

Tank Top!

If you have a few pudges and you aren’t comfy with showing them off, wear a loose racerback workout tank top that will provide you with support and hide your problem areas.