Latina Fitness With Evelyn Lozada: "8 Ways I Pamper Myself After A Workout"

I don’t know about you, but after a long and vigorous workout, I have to spoil myself! I don’t necessarily do the below everyday, but I do find time to get in a little pampering. :)

To me, when I pamper myself it’s a reward! I encourage all of you to drop everything and pamper yourself too! When you work hard, play hard right?!

1. Evelyn Lozada Pamper: Mani Pedi

Manicure and Pedicure 

Now, those of you that follow me on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook are very familiar with the amount of times I go for a mani and pedi.  And for those of you that don’t know, it’s every week! I love changing up my nail color and incorporating cool designs.  Oh! And during your pedi…take that foot massage, it’s heavenly.

2. Evelyn Lozada Pamper: Shopping

Go Shopping 

What woman doesn’t want to shop?!  Now, I don’t shop everyday, but I will splurge on a little something in order to make me feel even better! Shopping is like therapy and has a way to make you feel stylish and pampered! I love it!

3. Evelyn Lozada Pamper: Sleep


We all know that I love naps! And when I come from the gym sometimes I’m exhausted! I love to just lay and relax listening to soft music.  Alone time is the best tine and this is when I cut off all communication.

4. Evelyn Lozada Pamper: Massage


Yes! I love massages and going to the spa.  Getting a massage is not only healthy, but gives me an energy boost! Scalp messages are the best and so are hot stone massages. If you are looking for a reasonably priced spa, try Massage Envy!  Even if you get a massage once a month, it’s worth it! Try to take care of your mind, body and spirit.

5. Evelyn Lozada Pamper: Bubble Bath

Luxurious Bubble Bath 

Pampering your self with a bath is super budget friendly! Soaking in a tub after a long workout is the best thing ever! I try to give my bath a makeover to make it even more relaxing by adding bubbles, dimming the lights and bringing in the candles.  Yes, bubble baths put me in very deep thought. SO TRANQUIL AND RELAXING!

6. Evelyn Lozada Pamper: Wine

Great Music and Fine Wine 

I try to indulge with a great bottle of wine and listen to soft music while cuddling up on the couch. This is always a relaxing moment for me when I try to reflect on life. If you can pull away from your kids, for just a moment, do so and congratulate yourself for your achievements.

7. Evelyn Lozada Pamper: Night Out

 A night out! 

If your hubby or a family member can watch the kids for a couple of hours, LET THEM! Pamper yourself with a dinner, catching up with your girlfriends and indulging with some of your favorite foods ! It’s time to let your hair down and have some real fun.

8. Evelyn Lozada Pamper: Good Book

Reading a Good Book! 

Hey! If you want to escape your own fragmented life, read my book, “The Wives Association: Inner Circle”, it will actually make you feel better about your own problems after you read what this circle of women have to deal with. LOL

Well, I hope this helps and you take heed to all the cool suggestions I was able to give you. On a very serious note, please take time out for you. We all need a sanity break so taking a few hours away from your mate or kids isn’t always a bad thing. 

How do you guys pamper yourself after a good workout?