Kat Von D is Latina's November Cover Girl!

Kat Von D Latina Magazine November 2013 Cover Story

On moving on from a failed relationship: “I’m not angry at [ex-fiancé] Joel [Zimmerman]. I’m not angry at [ex-fiancé] Jesse [James], I’m not angry at Nikki [Sixx]. I’m just angry at myself for wasting my time, because I could have finished my record.”

On reconciling with her dad through music: “I would teach [my dad] to play Guns ’N Roses or the Misfits on his accordion and he would play along while I played the guitar and sang.”

On discovering her love of cosmetics, leading to her top-selling Sephora line: “Makeup to me is an art form. It’s one of the perks of being a girl.”

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