Juanes Debuts 'Loco de Amor'

Juanes Loco de Amor album cover

Juanes' seventh album, Loco de Amor, made its worldwide debut yesterday!

The Colombian singer recently opened up about the inspiration behind his latest project.

“I think love is the most powerful energy that there is in life... I wanted to write songs that would bring that ray of light through a prism. To see the different shapes of love,” Juanes told Mexican daily El Universal.

According to Billboard, Juanes' Loco de Amor introduces fans to a brand new sound. It is "very different from his past two, moodier efforts; it's lighter, often playful, peppered subtly with Colombian rhythms and recorded with acoustic guitars instead of his usual electric, including Colombia's traditional tiple," writes Billboard.

"We were a group of people with a lot of love and a lot of energy," Juanes told Billboard. "I've spent 10 years doing everything on my own, in my house, in my studio, with my guitar, everything coming from me. I needed to refresh, and it's wonderful to multiply energies. When you add one energy, and another, and another, there's good vibes -- there's love. It's a powerful thing."

The album skyrocketed to #1 on iTunes the day it was released and the first single off the record, “La Luz," is currently No. 1 on Billboard’s “Latin Airplay” chart.