J.Lo Too Sexy for Indonesia, Asked to "Cover Up"

Jennifer Lopez may flaunt her curves in a nude sparkly catsuit for her international tour, but apparently her famous getup and dance moves didn't fly in Indonesia. Reportedly the Boricua pop star was asked to tone down her sexy dance moves and outfit for her performance in Jakarta on Friday night.

"She'll have to cover up a little bit," expressed Chairi Ibrahim, the project manager for the Jakarta concert told CNN. The concert changes were made due to comply with local government standards and respect Muslim religious customs. As a result, male dancers were not allowed to hit the stage topless and female dancers had to cover up cleavage.

J.Lo, who suffered a wardrobe malfunction back in October and rumored nip slip during the 2012 Oscar Awards, was forced to cover up and revise her dance moves that resemble "making love." This is the "Dance Again" singer's first live performance in the Middle East.

She is making tour stops in Singapore and Australia in the next coming weeks.