Jessica Sanchez Talks About New Album, Idol, Love Life and More! (EXCLUSIVE)

Jessica Sanchez is no ordinary 17-year-old. The Idol-alum may still be in high school, but she has already dropped her debut album, Me, You & The Music, and guest starred as Frida Romero on Glee. She can thank her powerhouse voice and raw talent for that. We spoke exclusively with the teen star about her love life, new music, American Idol and more!

Congrats on your new album, Me, You & The Music! What was the recording process like for you?

It all happened so fast! The recording process was broken up into different time frames since I was on the Idol tour at the time. I was lucky to work with so many amazing producers and artists like Ne-Yo and Prince Royce. I had so much fun in the recording studio! I’m just relieved that it’s out now and I get to share this music with all of my fans.

Was it more intimidating to work on this album or compete on American Idol?

For me, it was more intimidating to work on my album. During Idol, I wasn’t expecting anything. I just wanted to survive the competition, but my album and my music are a big part of who I am. Hopefully it translates well and I keep growing as an artist.

What was it like collaborating with Prince Royce?

He is such a cutie! He is so sweet and down-to-earth. We recorded a bilingual track together titled, “No One Compares,” and he was so nice and understanding since I’m not that good at speaking in Spanish. When he looks at you, you can tell that he is a genuine person. I can’t wait to perform live with him! He was just a blast to work with.

You were known for your ballads on Idol. Was it a conscious choice to deliver more of a pop sound for this album?

Definitely. On Idol, I understood that everyone wanted to hear my vocals so I stuck with the ballads. Now I have the opportunity to make my own music and this is how I see myself as an artist. I hope that it translates well to my fans.

We have watched you grow up since your time on Idol. What has been your biggest lesson while being in the limelight?

That it is not easy. It is a lot of hard work, but I love it! Before I was on Idol, I just sat at home and played video games all day long. Now I get to travel and work towards my dream. It’s the best feeling ever.