Jessica Alba Not Ready to be Separated from Baby Honor

She has her pre-baby body back and is ready to get back in front of the camera, but new mom Jessica Alba isn't ready to hand off her daughter Honor Marie Warren to her nannies just yet. The actress insists that she will bring Honor to work with her, on the set of her new film, An Invisible Sign of My Own.

"I love my daughter," she tells People, "and she's going to be with me every day on the set." So, does that mean Jessica is going to be changing diapers between takes? "To be honest with you, it's tough," Jessica says. "If it was any other movie, I wouldn't be doing it."

Jessica must feel strongly about her new role—a young math teacher helping troubled students—if she's willing to go through all the trouble of being a working mom so soon after giving birth. "It's difficult to spend any time away from her," she explains. Wonder if she'll feel that way once Honor hits the Terrible Twos!