Jessica Alba Goes Eco-Friendly with Her Home

Rugs made from old tennis balls. Wastepaper baskets crafted out of recycled potato chip wrappers. Sounds like the decor of a crafty homeless person's cardboard box. But in fact, these are the elements Jessica Alba has used to turn her Los Angeles manse into an eco-friendly paradise. And the results are chicer than we expected.

The actress teamed up with green design expert Kari Whitman to realize her vision for an abode that's both beautiful and will leave a carbon footprint no bigger than a baby's. "It's kid-friendly, animal-friendly," Jessica tells In Style magazine, who did a photo spread of Jess with her husband Cash Warren, daughter Honor Marie and their three dogs at their newly-renovated home for their November issue.

"You can jump on the sofas, walk around barefoot.The energy here is so is open and playful," says Jessica. "And everywhere you look, inside and out, you get to see a part of nature."

The green theme extends to the outdoor parts of her house, where Jessica has a saltwater pool and a faux-grass lawn made of recycled plastic and tires. Um, isn't that called astroturf? And, since when is grass not eco-friendly?

Going green may be the environmentally-conscious thing to do, but it also costs a lot of green. Little Honor's crib, with its non-toxic paint, sustainable wood and organic linens, cost upwards of $1,500. We'll just stick to keeping a recycling bin in our kitchen for now. Who knows? Next time we toss an empty Coke bottle in there, it might wind up becoming some overpriced furniture for a wealthy celebrity!