Jenni Rivera Fans Banned From Visiting Late Singer’s Grave

According to Mexican daily El Universal, Jenni Rivera fans are banned from visiting La Diva de la Banda at the All Souls Cemetery in Long Beach, California where she is buried.

“Many people come here to visit Jenni’s tomb,” an anonymous cemetery employee told El Universal in Spanish, “But because it has no name many people don’t know where she is.”

Rivera’s family is in the process of creating a custom-made gravestone with the late singer’s life story to be placed where she is buried. The space reportedly cost about $100,000 and fits eight people.

Even a month after Rivera’s burial, the cemetery has prohibited reporters and fans from seeing the unnamed gravesite. They’re only allowed up to a certain point before security stops them.

“Many have come to visit her,” the cemetery employee said. “Some of them recognize [the grave] because they are told that is where she allegedly is. Their only intentions are to come pray and pay tribute to their idol.”