Jasmine V & Becky G are Latina's February 2014 Cover Stars!

Jasmine V & Becky G are Latina's February 2014 Cover Stars!

Pop music sensations Jasmine V and Becky G open up about the struggles they’ve overcome on their way to stardom in the February 2014 issue of Latina, which hits newsstands and Nook Newsstand on January 7, 2014.


Jasmine, 20, who shot to stardom after costarring in Justin Bieber’s video for "Baby," talks about struggling in an abusive relationship when she was a teenager, and why she hopes her music video for "Didn't Mean It" can help other young people dealing with dating violence.


Becky G, 16, spent most of her childhood living in her grandparents' garage with her parents and siblings. Just a few years later the teenage rapper, who was discovered by superproducer Dr. Luke on YouTube and mentored by Jennifer Lopez, is the newest face of CoverGirl and ready to expand her quickly growing empire.


Jasmine, about surviving an abusive relationship: “I was working all the time and he was sitting on his butt. He blamed me for why he wasn’t where he wanted to be. I dodged death in that relationship a couple of times. I never talked to him again.”


Becky, on growing up without a lot of money: “I’m really thankful and proud of where I came from. If you go through hard times, you learn to change it for the better. I want to build an empire, but I want it to be attainable for people who are where I was a few years ago.”



Jasmine, on having her first kiss with Justin Bieber while shooting his music video: “It was supposed to be just a peck on the cheek, but then he just went for it. I was like, ‘Oh, wait, something’s happening!’"


Becky, on meeting her idol, Jennifer Lopez: “We recorded [her viral hit ‘Becky From the Block’], and Luke sent it to her. She showed up at the studio a couple of days later and was like, ‘What’s up, Becky from the block?’ I nearly died.”


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