Ivy Queen is Pregnant!

Ivy Queen is pregnant! In an interview with People En Español, reggaeton’s leading lady broke her silence about the wonderful news that she’s with child.

“I’m happy,” the 41-year-old artist told the website. “I’ve always wanted to be a mother.”

Midway through a concert tour, Ivy Queen recalls feeling nausea and found out she was expecting after taking a pregnancy test.

Her partner, Puerto Rican choreographer Xavier Sánchez, is also happy about the news that he and Ivy Queen will soon be parents.

After rumors spread that both Ivy Queen and 32-year-old Sánchez had eloped, the reggaeton artist spoke exclusively to People En Español about their love story, as well as their mutual desire to raise children together.

“All women want to be mothers,” she said. “I practice, but it’ll happen when God wants it to!”

But Ivy Queen confessed that her mom doesn’t know about her pregnancy yet.

“No one! When you guys release this, my family will probably find out that way,” the deep-voiced rapper said with a laugh.

Congrats to Ivy Queen and her man!