Ivy Queen Angry About Lesbian Rumors

Looks like Ivy Queen might be putting those famous nails of hers to work fighting rumors about her sexual orientation that have been floating around ever since the singer busted onto the music scene in 1997. The reggaetonera has always preferred to keep her private life, well, private. People have taken to speculating about the Queens sexual preference due to the lack of details provided about her personal life. Ivy insists that although she believes in everybody's right to live their lives the way they see fit (she's a spokeswoman for the gay rights organization GLADD) her preference is definitely for the male persuasion. Ivy revealed to Blogamole that many people were not aware that she was hitched for more than a decade and has since been in a serious relationship (yes, with a man) for the past two years.

Ivy points out that the rumors about her personal life are part of the reason that she decided to write an autobiography, saying, "That's part of the reason I want to write this book, because people sometimes get carried away with the image they see and they never get a chance to sit and talk with you and get to know you."