Introducing: Singer Ifé Sanchez Mora

Ifé Sanchez Mora will hit you where it hurts. Her soulful vocals and hard-hitting lyrics in her new album, Fire Inside of Me, will leave a lasting impression thanks to her blending of Mexican and African musical influences. Also drawing inspiration from rock, soul, and jazz genres, Ifé inspires women to tap into their inner warriors while embracing every challenge life throws at you.

We spoke to the talented artist about her new album, famous husband and Food Network star Aaron Sanchez, and more!

We love the powerful lyrics in your new single, “Fire Inside of Me.” What inspired you to write that song?

For me, it’s a song about a woman who is sort of fed up with it all, but still drawn to an addictive relationship. Sometimes when you have such a strong connection with someone in your life, a fire ignites that’s overwhelming and I feel like because of that the song comes off as very passionate.

Does the entire album have that same motif about life and love?

Yes, I would say it’s about a woman finding herself. I draw from my own personal experiences, but I’m also inspired by my girlfriends’ stories. I also take a lot from what’s happening in society as a whole – especially when it comes to what women endure and suffer.

You also grew up in a very creative family. How did that influence you?

All I’ve known is the arts. My mom was a singer and there were a lot of rehearsals in the home. My parents had a studio in the house, which was like a wonderland to me. When I was growing up I would head to my dad’s performances and carry a little plastic keyboard with me and play it wherever I went. This was so much a part of my childhood that it only felt natural to continue involving as an artist.

The prolific jazz musician Sun Ra was also a huge influence for you. What’s the best lesson he taught you?

I remember when he gave me my first piano lesson and said, ‘Don’t worry about the notes, and just listen to the music.’ I still carry that lesson with me because although the technical aspects are important, you also have to just open up to the music at a spiritual level. I let my energy always guide me in my music.

What is the songwriting process for you?

It differs, but for this album it was very personal. I would go to the studio and the words would slowly start to come. It was very therapeutic for me. This process has taught me to keep having faith in myself, which is important as an artist because sometimes you are going by faith alone.

How has your husband and celebrity chef Aaron Sanchez supported your path as an artist?

It really gets hard in this business and I feel like he supports me 100%. His projects have taken off so that has allowed us to keep pushing forward with our passion projects. He has helped me hold strong and persevere in my dreams. He has truly been amazing.

Listen to Mora's new single "Fire Inside of Me" below! Her new album drops on Feb. 5.