Introducing Pitbull’s Protégée, Nayer

You may not know who Nayer is (yet), but you most likely have heard her. Listen closely to Pitbull’s summer smash hit “Give Me Everything” and you will notice her melodic voice right before the chorus kicks in. The 25-year-old Cuban American singer began singing at the tender age of 7 on shows like Sábado Gigante and Star Search. As a young adult, she also dabbled into modeling and crossed paths with Mr. 305.

Fast forward time and Nayer’s perseverance paid off. She just released her first single, “Suave (Kiss Me),” produced by RedOne and featuring Pitbull (of course), the song is an up-tempo homage to Elvis Crespo's monster merengue hit. Nayer is currently working on her debut album, which will be ready sometime in 2012. Currently on tour with Pitbull and Enrique Iglesias for Euphoria tour, Nayer dished to about what it's like working with the boys, her favorite Latina artist, and why the ladies love  Mr. 305 so darn much.

Congrats on your new single “Suave”! Tell us how it came about.

The song was already a smash itself but we wanted to make it something that would probably be more international – more worldwide. We did it in English and we definitely wanted to go with the dance music movement but obviously I’m pop so add those elements in there. I am Latina so we wanted to make sure that the world captivates the fact that I embrace that so that’s how it came about.

Tell us about your debut album’s sound.

I think it’s going to be a little bit of a melting pot just because my voice can adapt to different genres but we’re going with the movement of dance music. I want to do a ballad as well to show my capability of song and my voice. It’s definitely a happy record. It’s my baby so I’m very excited about that!

Which Latina artists do you look up to?

I would have to say Gloria Estefan just because ever since I was a little girl, I really admired and looked up to her. She was where I’m from – she’s Cuban American and I’ve really followed her career and now she’s back again. She’s been able to sustain herself in the industry and I really look up to Gloria.

I read that you consider Pitbull the male version of you. What do you mean by that?

We’re both young, we’re both Cuban, we both come from the same city – and we both love up-tempo music. I’m a singer, he doesn’t sing, that’s the only difference I would say. But when it comes to that grind and that hunger, we both have it so I feel like in a way, he’s my male version.

What’s it like rehearsing with a bunch of male performers for this tour? Are they careful about what they say around you?

Actually, not really. I would have to say I’m like one of the guys. I just go with the flow – I listen and I laugh. I actually find it pretty entertaining and interesting because I get to see what the male mind thinks like. They all do treat me very politely and with respect.

Tell us about a funny moment you’ve had with the guys while rehearsing?

When we rehearse, its business. With Pit, every day is a funny moment because he’s a character. He’s a very outgoing person, he speaks his mind and he makes me laugh. Every day when I’m around this whole team, including Enrique, it’s hilarious because they’re happy people. They’re always cracking jokes.

Why do you think women love Pitbull so much?

Because he’s a charming man. What you see is what you get. He’s very real and he’s a very funny guy so I can see why women love him. One of the things that women love about a guy who makes them laugh.