Introducing Carlos Marín from Il Divo

The 43-year-old Spanish-bred singer Carlos Marín is the baritone member of the pop operatic quartet Il Divo, which was founded by The X Factor’s Simon Cowell. Il Divo, which has sold more than 26 million albums worldwide, has a new album out titled Wicked Game. The album, which hit stores earlier this month and is also available on iTunes, includes a classic song titled “Wicked Game” by rock musician Chris Isaak reinterpreted in Spanish.

Born in Germany but raised in Spain, Marín recorded his first album (titled The Little Caruso) at the tender age of 8. He learned how to play the piano and, after living for some time in the Netherlands, Marín earned himself a nickname – “Carlos the Little Caruso.” The young singer moved to Spain at 12 and won several awards for his television appearances and sang in shows accompanied by orchestras.

Marín also dabbled in musicals for some time such as Beauty And The Beast and Les Misérables; his involvement in musical theatre earned him a reputation as a musical performer.

If you’re familiar with Marín’s voice, you may recognize it in Tim Burton’s wildly popular 1993 film The Nightmare Before Christmas. The Spanish singer also lent his singing voice to the Prince in Disney’s Spanish version of Cinderella.

Since joining in Il Divo in 2003, Marín has been part of a whirlwind of international success. His three fellow Il Divo members hail from France, Switzerland, and the United States and, together, the band’s music has gained much popularity abroad. This year, Il Divo was named Musical Ambassador in Japan and was asked to sing for the Japanese film Andalucia.

 “It’s like living in a dream come true. I do find myself sitting down occasionally and thinking, ‘Wow, look at all the things I’ve done,’” Marin muses on the group’s website. “And it’s easy to forget that when it’s all happening, and happening to you. You lose perspective.”

To get a taste for Il Divo's beautiful sound, check out their performance of "The Winner Takes It All" ("Va Todo Al Ganado") below: