Introducing “Danza Kuduro” Producer/Writer Lucenzo

Any fans of Lucenzo out there? The Portuguese and French artist is this week's Introducing subject. The 29-year-old spoke to us recently about the beloved club hit “Danza Kuduro, Puerto Rican artist Don Omar, and his love of Latinos. 

When you were creating “Danza Kuduro” did you feel it was going to be a megahit?

I didn’t know the song was going to be such a huge success around the world. I was extremely surprised when it did become a hit. I think the mixture of my style and Don Omar’s style—a European style with a Latin American style with influences of Africa (Angola)—was the recipe for success.

Tell us about your latest single, “Wine it Up” featuring Sean Paul.

It’s another song influenced by kuduro, which is my main style. It’s hitting in Europe now and we’re bringing it to Latin America and the States. We shot the video in Brazil.

Are you going to release your album Stateside?

My first album Emigrante del Mundo came out in Europe. I’m going to release it in Latin America and the U.S. as well because I have a lot of respect for Latinos because they made my song a huge hit. I have more songs in store for the Latin American market. I did everything on my album—I produced it, mastered it, wrote it, and also remixed it. 

How would you describe your music?

I consider my music as world music because I combine all different styles. My album is a mix of mambo, hip-hop, kuduro, etc. My next album I want to incorporate bachata.

We love Don Omar here at Latina. How did the collaboration come about?

I produced the original song, “Vem Dancar Kuduro” with Big Ali. It was a huge hit on its own in Europe. Then I always wanted to work with a great Latin American artist because most of my influences come from reggaeton. Artists like Don Omar and Daddy Yankee. One day my team contacted Don Omar with a song we produced for him. But he said he wanted to do a “Danza Kudora” version for Latin America. And now we’re here.