Karin Larrave
Inspiring Latina of the Week: Financial Representative Karin Larrave
By Valerie Tejeda | 06/11/2013 - 11:39

Karin Larrave works as a financial representative for Northwestern Mutual, specializing in estate planning, business risk management, retirement, life insurance and disability income planning. She is also the owner of her own practice and is a certified bilingual financial representative. Born in Guatemala and raised in Mexico, Karin works in Dallas, Texas, where 38 percent of the population is Hispanic. Larrave works to educated her clients about protecting themselves in both English and Spanish.

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Inspiring Latina of the Week: Artist S. Whittaker
Inspiring Latina of the Week: Artist S. Whittaker
By Valerie Tejeda | 06/04/2013 - 11:22

Latina artist S. Whittaker recently launched her first 3D art exhibit in New York called "Time Signature." Using oil and acrylic based portraits on wooden canvases, Whittaker painted pictures of many of her favorite musicians, including Celia Cruz, Bob Marley, Marc Anthony and Ruben Blades.

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Pinup Photographer Alina Vargas-Afanasieva
Inspiring Latina of the Week: Pinup Photographer Alina Vargas-Afanasieva
By Desiree Browne | 05/28/2013 - 12:57

If there’s one thing Santo Domingo-based photographer Alina Vargas-Afanasieva knows, it’s beauty. She’s photographed fashion, beauty and portraits for magazines all over the Dominican Republic and works closely with MAC Caribe. But what she shot for glossies didn’t always match the beauty of the women she saw walking the streets in her city. Trying to make her own work and celebrate the beauty of all women, the photographer gave ordinary women the movie-star treatment to create pinup photos in the style of the 1940s and 1950s, but with a distinctly Dominican twist.

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Rita Ferro
Inspiring Latina of the Week: Rita Ferro, Executive VP of Disney Media Sales & Marketing
By Laura Elizabeth Hernandez | 05/21/2013 - 13:57

Disney is a magical place where dreams come true. So it comes as no surprise that Rita Ferro was able to make all her dreams come true, by working for Disney. By age 44, she has already earned the title of Executive Vice President of Disney Media Sales and Marketing. The Cuban-American native of Coral Gables, Florida has also worked for ESPN international, MTV Networks in Latin America and Blue Pearl Entertainment before making magic happen at Disney.

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Lina Oliveros
Inspiring Latina of the Week: Scientist & Community Leader Lina Oliveros
By Valerie Tejeda | 05/14/2013 - 10:00

Lina Oliveros is doing more than her part to help our environment. Originally from Colombia, the now Batlimore-based scientist created a project called, "Raising Prawns in the City," an alternative to harvesting shrimp from natural waters using aquaponics- a concept that dates back to early Aztec civilizations.

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Luisa Monge
Inspiring Latina of the Week: Director of Business Development and Strategy Luisa Monge
By Valerie Tejeda | 05/07/2013 - 15:30

Luisa Monge serves as the Director of Business Development and Strategy for the Interactive Entertainment Business (Media Entertainment Group) at Microsoft Corporation. Monge is responsible for advancing the company’s Xbox/Kinect platforms.

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Inspiring Latina of the Week: Journalist Maria Eugenia Alcón
By Valerie Tejeda | 04/23/2013 - 14:10

Maria Eugenia Alcón is the Deputy Editor of NBCLatino.com. Born in Colombia, and raised for some of her life in Spain, Maria’s career began in 1997, where she was hired as a producer for CBS Telenoticias. From there, Maria worked as an Emmy Award-winning producer for NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams, where she covered heart-wrenching stories such as the Haiti Earthquake tragedy, and the saga of the Chilean miners. Maria has also worked as a field producer traveling across Latina America and the United States, reporting on various topics. 

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Amy Tintera
Inspiring Latina of the Week: Young Adult Author Amy Tintera
By Valerie Tejeda | 04/09/2013 - 11:56

At only 30-years-old, Texas native Amy Tintera has accomplished quite a lot. Her debut young adult novel REBOOT is being published by HarperCollins, and the movie rights for the book have already been bought by Fox.

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Maria Molina
Inspiring Latina of the Week: Meteorologist Maria Molina
By Valerie Tejeda | 04/02/2013 - 13:14

Maria Molina is a meteorologist for FOX News Channel. Originally from Nicaragua, Maria is one of the youngest weather women on cable. In addition to her busy job at FOX, Molina is working towards her graduate degree at Columbia University, studying climate change. With her hard work ethic, and positive outlook on life, Maria Molina is this week’s Inspiring Latina!

What inspired you to become a meteorologist? 

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Inspiring Latina of the Week: Ballet Dancer Jenna Graves
Inspiring Latina of the Week: Ballet Dancer Jenna Graves
By Valerie Tejeda | 03/26/2013 - 13:58

Jenna Graves, is a professional dancer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania who always dreamed of performing on stage. Jenna just finished dancing for the world-renowned dance company Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater’s 2013 season at The Ailey Citigroup Theater (March 13 - 24). This is her second season with Ailey II. Being Puerto Rican, she is the only Latina dancer in the company of 12 dancers. Ms.

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